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Point of Sale ERP IDEA

Significance of Point of Sale

As digitalization and software development take over the world, simple and complex business management tasks have become extremely easy to handle with more accuracy and efficiency. Our POS software is one of those must-have systems for business management and increasing productivity. We have incorporated multiple tools and features that allow business owners to easily take care of managerial tasks such as recording and securing data, product management, employee management, and sales management. Moreover, we have created this software to work smoothly and hassle-free with top-notch programming technology, making it easier to navigate and get a quick grasp of all its features to make use of its full potential.

Information about (POS)?

This specially designed POS software is created with extra focus on all major aspects of business management and sales. It is a complete software that will make your life a whole lot easier as a business owner with so many useful and functional tools. Handle major to minor management tasks with ease, such as purchasing, data recording, and product sales, saving you valuable time and increasing efficiency.

Key Features

Our skilled software development team has made sure that this system is fully functioning with all the required features that make it a uniquely designed, extraordinarily useful, and unparalleled work product.

Features Analysis

This feature includes many useful tools that are the basics of any business. Our designer has to add these necessary tools that we know will be extremely important for everyday business tasks and beneficial for business growth. These tools will help in :
  1. Managing multiple businesses.
  2. Managing multiple business locations, store fronts, and warehouses.
  3. Multiple settings options that includes currency, time zone, financial year, profit margin, tax registration details, and much more.
Essentially, any POS software will include this feature that immensely helps in keeping track of products. One of the main reasons this software is in high demand is because we have added so many interesting tools that will allow you to be more organized and categorize the products. You will be able to do the following with the product management feature :

  1. Single & Variable Products.
  2. Enable/disable Stock Management.
  3. Add Brands, Category, Units, Tax Rates, Group Taxes. Products with Expiry.
  4. Low Stock Alert & expiry alerts.
  5. Predefined SKU or Auto Generate SKU.
  6. IMEI/Serial number, Lot number.
  7. Print Bar-code & Labels.
  8. Selling price group.
  9. Import product CSV, and much more.
One of the most important uses of POS is to manage the purchases of your products. It is a crucial task that needs utmost accuracy and efficiency to make your business move forward in the right direction. With the following necessary tools, this task is made simple, quick, and effective.

  1. Add. Edit. Delete, View, Print purchase.
  2. Purchase return.
  3. Credit, Paid & Partially paid.
  4. Multiple payment options.
  5. Payment reminders.
  6. Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges.
  7. Specify product Lot number & expiry.
  8. Upload purchase document
  9. Quick Add Product in purchase screen.
As selling and POS terminals are actually the main jobs of a POS system, we have added various useful tools that aid this process smoothly and swiftly. Our software is designed to work without a glitch or mistake while managing huge amounts of data.

  1. Add, Edit, Delete, View, Print.
  2. Credit. Paid & Partially paid sales.
  3. Sales Return Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges.
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts.
  5. Improved POS to save time (no page reload, Fully Ajax).
  6. Payment options – Cash, CC, Cheque, Bank Transfer.
  7. Walk-In or Quick Add Customer.
  8. Specify commission agent.

• Add contacts as Supplier,  Customer or Both.
• Pay Terms & payment alerts.
• Details payment details.
• Detailed Purchase & Sell transactions.

Advance user management module
Permissions & Roles
Commission agents
• Assign Business Location(s) to a role
• Predefined Roles – Admin & Cashier
Add cashier for business location.
Staff Salary and expense management

This system will generate powerful and accurate reports with filters and charts in full detail so that keeping a record of everything, analyzing your business growth overtime, making necessary changes, and upgrading your service will become a piece of cake.

  1. Profit & Loss reports.
  2. Purchase & Sell reports.
  3. Stock reports.
  4. Trending product reports.
  5. Tax reports.
  6. Expenses reports.
  7. Suppliers & Customers reports.
  8. Cash Registers reports.
  9. Salesperson reports and much more.
We have added some extra tools for you to make use of and lessen your workload in some other areas, such as :

  1. Get SMS and Email notifications that helps you stay more informed.
  2. Designed interactive dashboard with overall shop details and charts.
  3. Customize to your hearts content the invoice layout and barcode settings.
  4. Regularly receive translated detailed documentation.
  5. Stock Adjustments.
  6. Expense management.
  7. Cash Register.
  8. Supports Barcode Scanner, Thermal Printer (ESC/POS).

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