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Significance of The Royal School Application

Incorporating the use of The Royal School Application in your institute will make your life as an owner/admin very easy by offering quick and accurate productivity, saving a whole lot of time for everyone, and effortlessly recording and managing huge data sets of students, parents, finance, teachers, academics, and much more.

In addition to that, this application simply makes managing your institute easier, not only for you but for your whole administration and staff, while also providing better access to information and maintaining better communication with your students and their parents.

Automate your whole schooling system with The Royal Schooling Application and facilitate your staff, teachers, students, and parents, so that everyone has less to worry about and can focus more on achieving their goal, which is to provide and receive a quality education.

information about the royal schools app?

In a modern world, digitalization has taken over almost every workplace and organization in pretty much every field, so this application is one of a kind solution that will attract the interests of parents, students, teachers, and educational institutions. With a digital school management system, you can worry less about managerial tasks and focus more on increasing the quality of the education your institute provides and, in turn, raise the standard of the institute to be one of the best education providers in the country.

How it works?

This app is carefully designed, keeping in mind all the things that require management at any level of an educational institute. We have focused on almost all aspects of institute management, ranging from students’ data like attendance, examinations, assignments, and notes, to transport management, hostel facilities, library records, and fee collection. With this application, you can manage your whole institute online through your desktop. This application is also very easy to navigate for anyone and is supported on every device.

It has been creatively designed and has 30+ modules such as group messages, event management and 8 inbuilt user panels that give access to different people involved to work with them easily, such as the parents’ portal, students’ portal, and admins’ portal.

The 8 inbuilt user panels have been created so that everyone can get access to their required information and work smoothly with what they have to do. Let us explore more about what these panels do and who can get access to them.

Key Features Modules

The super admin can be the owner or the highest-ranking administrator that gets access to all the features of this application. By having full control of your institute’s management, you can monitor each and every aspect with precise detail and make necessary improvements or changes over time. This also helps you to manage your whole institute in one place, through one dashboard with a few clicks, making your life much easier.

This role might be for any person that has to run and monitor day-to-day activities that require assistance and management so that everything works smoothly. This panel almost has all the features, with the exception of only a few.

This panel is for teachers, through which they can perform and manage academic activities related to their students, classes, and subjects. They will get all the features they need to work effectively and will make their job as a teacher much easier and simpler so that they can focus on increasing their teaching quality and incorporating better teaching methods.

This panel is for students and provides them with all the information they need to collaborate with their activities, get quick access to study material, and stay updated with exams, results, and classes while also communicating with their teachers.

This panel is for parents that help them stay updated with all their children’s academic activities and provides communication with the administration. They can pay their children’s fees online through PayPal while also monitoring all their children’s activities via a single parent panel login.

 This panel is for accountants that manage finances for the institute, and this application specifically helps them keep a thorough record of students’ fees and other expenses all in one place.

This panel is for the librarian and helps them manage the whole system of the library, including books issue/returns and other related tasks.

This panel helps the receptionist manage the official activities and keep everything running smoothly and orderly.

  • We have developed a complete and advanced profile system that can be edited according to the students’ or parents’ wishes.
  • Through this app, you can easily promote students to the next class, maintain a complete track of passed or failed students, and continue or leave students all around the year through the Promote Students module.
  • All subject lists can be viewed and added along with their codes and types for the students’ access and information.
  • One can easily upload their homework in any format and download the required study material.
  • Get quick class/section-wise monthly attendance reports and smartly manage students’ attendance records and access them whenever you want, however you want.
  • You can very easily create and view class timetables for every subject and class, including information like time, week, and room number.
  • Communicating the exam schedule with everyone is made very easy by our Exam Schedule feature that provides complete information regarding exams such as time, date, venue, marking details, and other important information that students might need.
  • The marks register allows the teachers to enter students’ marks online along with their exam attendance. This will generate automatic results and can be viewed at the students’ end.
  • Teachers can easily upload students’ grades through Marks Grade and automatically generate grade lists.
  • Exam Marks Management allows teachers to manage the entire examination marks for all students.
  • The Exam Marks Report generates an exam-wise class/section marks report for every student that includes full details such as grand total, percent, and result.
  • One can completely manage all exam-related activities online through this app, from creating exams, posting schedules, and entering marks, to generating progress reports with grades. All tasks can be done effectively and quickly with just a few clicks.
  • Teachers can create unlimited yearly academic sessions through the Academic Session module.
  • The Add Siblings module allows the parent to keep track of all their children’s status through a single parent account. The institute would have to add the number of siblings each family has admitted over time for this feature to work.
  • Keep track of your child’s academic activities.
  • Online fee payment through PayPal.
  • Stay updated and communicate with the institute administration.
  • The institute can now very easily keep a thorough record of each and every expense by using this application and manage its finances effortlessly, including electricity bills, telephone bills, miscellaneous bills, and much more.
  • A fee collection module that helps in managing better fee records of students, including fee types, fee groups, fee masters, fee fines, due dates, and many other useful features.
  • In addition to that, the collect fee page can provide comprehensive details on students’ fee collections and their fee status.
  • View your fee statement report through your panel in one go.
  • A fee discount module was also added, keeping in mind that benefits like these make parents more attracted to your institution, thus maintaining a loyal and long-term relationship with parents. This includes staff-child discounts, sibling discounts, early admission discounts, and any other type of discount that you might want to add.
  • Another type of fee/discount allotment module allows you to offer discounts on more than 5 different criteria and apply fee discounts to a group of students, a single student, or a whole class/section.
  • You can also view charts and graphical representations of fees and expenses to get a quick overview.
  • We have added a balance fee report feature that allows reports based on class, total fee, discounts, paid fee, and balance fee.
  • Another useful feature is the Transaction Report, which generates a date-bound transaction report for fee collection and expenses.
  • Accounts can easily keep track of online payments via internet payment gateways that allow you to add PayPal account details to collect payments from parents online.
  • A Student Admissions form that can have 40+ fields for student information, including former school details, siblings/relatives, RTE, IDs, and much more, to have a comprehensive and strong student record.
  • Students can be categorized into their respective classes or sections based on their caste, skills, abilities, and other things with the advanced feature of Student Categories. This will majorly help in the placement of students in different classes and provide education according to different methods matching their mental capacities to achieve learning objectives.
  • Searching for students’ information is made easy just by a few clicks based on keywords like their name, father’s name, ID number, class, etc.
  • Communicate effectively with students, teachers, and parents through noticeboard messages.
  • You can also get a compiled student report based on their class, gender, different categories, and RTE.
  • The management can easily assign subjects to their respective teachers for each class or section through this app.
  • If you want to add different sections to each class/grade, then it is made easily possible to do it all at once.
  • The Download Center allows you to manage and keep track of all downloadable content for students and teachers. For example, syllabi, books, notes, assignments, and many others.
  • In General Settings, you can simply add your institute information. For example, school name, address, school code, current academic session, session start month, school logo, etc.
  • Internal Messaging allows the admin to send private messages to teachers, students, and parents.
  • We have added a special Library Management module that provides a complete system that assists in keeping books’ records, issues/return records, and members’ records that cover everything needed to effectively run a library.
  • You can also add the information regarding the issue/return for members with just one click.
  • With the additional feature of “Add books in Library”, one can easily add books with all the required details and information such as ISBN, author, publisher, rack number, quantity, price, postdate, and any other useful detail about the book.
  • Another special feature we have carefully included in this application is the transport system that allows you to manage the institute transport with their routes, driver details, and the number of vehicles available.
  • Now you can assign routes to drivers along with their vehicles and manage your institute’s transport yourself.
  • Hostel Management is another special feature that allows you to allot hostel rooms and record the number of hostel rooms with their types.
  • This app is one of the few applications globally that support 73 languages, so institutions from anywhere can make use of this application with multiple language features.
  • In addition to that, it supports RTL (right to left) for Arabian languages.
  • You can easily create a backup of your database and restore it anytime you need it, either online or through an uploaded backup file.
  • We have used SMPT or Sendmail email engines to send emails for notification.
  • One can take printouts of any and all records according to their needs.

The Royal School Application is built by using the latest version of the Codeigniter 3 PHP framework that allows easy customization for the client using the best coding expertise. This application has the most aesthetically and creatively designed UI (user interface) in HTML5 and CSS3 that provides an easy and satisfying user experience. Moreover, the app itself is supported on all types of devices to provide maximum usability for the client and its users. In addition to that, the data on the app can be exported in all formats, including PDF, Excel, CSV, print, and copy.

We provide regular free updates that are available to download for free while also offering readily available developer support for any type of code customization or assistance. For making communication easier with everyone, multiple SMS gateways are supported by the app, such as Clickatell, Twilio, and a custom SMS gateway that allows you to integrate any HTTP-based SMS gateway to work.

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